“Ojo Rojo” $17

Daily COTD fish, roasted pepper rocoto and ginger cream, cancha, onions

Clásico $17

Daily COTD fish, leche de tigre, sweet potato, red onion, cancha, cilantro

Camaron $16

Shrimp, mango, red bell peppers, jalapeno, seaweed, mango and orange marinade

Chef Darwin’s Famous “Mistake” Tuna Tiradito $18

Fresh tuna, ginger soy sauce, cubes of fresh watermelon, lime sweet chili

Scallops Tiradito $17

Aji Amarillo leche de tigre, sashimi scallops, pickled onions, flamed cheese (manchengo & queso fresco)

Salmon $14

Onions, scallions, crushed red chili, soy sauce, sesame oil, cucumbers, seaweed salad. coconut rice

Pulpo Poke $17

Octopus, salsa criolla, avocado, black olive sauce and tostones

“Picada” Chopped $11

Spring mix, romaine lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, choclo, black beans, queso fresco, orange chipotle vinaigrette

Lime Marinated Tuscan Kale & Wild Arugula $12

Ginger lime rocoto dressing, chilli walnuts, parmesan, cancha.

Andean Chaufa $15

Quinoa Peruvian stir fry quinoa, duck, shrimp, pork, sweet plantains, egg

Lomo Saltado $15

Beef tenderloin, tomatoes, red onions, yuca fries, soy sauce

Salmon Pan Roasted $26

Guava glazed,warm mustard mixed fingerling potato and cecina dust.

Whole Snapper Roasted Market Price

Salsa china, herbs and kimchi fried quinoa

“Shipibo” Prawns $26

Grilled prawns, stewed spicy tomatoes, chorizo, banana leaf and coconut rice

Entraña $27

Grilled skirt steak, roasted sweet plantain, salsa beet criolla, chimichurri

Malbec Braised Short Ribs $27

Trufflee chive risotto, crispy yucca

Arroz Con Pato $25

Grilled duck breast, green pea and cerveza artesanal risotto, criolla roasted red pepper

Sirloin Steak Burger $13

Rosemary bun, sun dried tomato aioli, pepper jack cheese, chopped bacon, onions, leaf lettuce, trufflee parmesan fries.

Grilled asparagus
Parmesan papas
Truffle chive risotto
Plantain chips & chimichurri

Suspiro $9

Peruvian style dulce de leche, rose meringue, pickled wild berries

“Sambito” Pot of Mousse $9

Bitter sweet dark and white chocolate mousses, chocolate “Pot”, cappuccino ice cream, mango and raspberry sauces.

Tres Leches $9

Extra moist cake soaked in three milks, strawberries and meringue, served with strawberry gelato

Banana Flan $9

Banana Chutney, Banana ice cream, caramelized bananas, Brazilian nut praline.